FPCEUP has initiated its activities in 1976/77 & it’s the school, within Porto University, where teaching & research in the fields of Psychology & Educational Sciences is carried out.
Nowadays nearly 1500 students attend FPCE’s courses (undergraduate, master & doctoral ) & over 1200 participants per year come to FPCEUP for the best continuous education & professional training opportunities. Assuming itself as an institution of reference FPCEUP has reached a significant implementation in the social tissue in areas, such as: education, justice, health, central & local public administration, socio-cultural animation, work in companies, among others.
Beyond education, FPCEUP is engaged in R&D activities within its areas & in rendering services to the community through its research institutes & centres: 2 Units funded by FCT & 7 Units created to support the academic community & to render specialized service to the community.
Internationalization plays also an important role in FPCEUP, not only by the increasing number of projects & protocols established in partnership with national & international entities, but also by increasing exchange flow of students, teachers & researchers.
With almost 30 years of activity, FPCEUP project itself towards the future as a school more committed to an education & research of quality & to the promotion of an institutional culture addressed to the well-being & social progress following the strategic plan of UP.

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The Polytechnic Institute of Porto (IPP) was created in 1985 and involves 7 Schools: Education (ESE); Music and Performing Arts (ESMAE); Engineering (ISEP); Accounting and Administration (ISCAP); Management a nd Industrial Studies (ESEIG); Management and Technology (ESTGF); and Allied Health Technology (ESTSP). In 2011 over 18.000 students attended the seven Schools located in 6 cities within the Porto district. IPP involves more than 20 R&D units, being the Polytechnic Institute in Portugal better positioned in international scientific rankings.
The inED – Centre for Research and Innovation in Education is a scientific research unit, acknowledged by its affiliation institution the School of Education of the Polytechnic Institute of Porto ESEIPP. inED has scientific autonomy. It aims to foster research and innovation, giving priority to collaborations with other national and international institutions, focusing on: (i) promoting initiatives towards the elaboration of projects and their proposal to funding agencies; (ii) promoting the sharing of knowledge and projects, as well as the training new researchers; (iii) developing edi torial initiatives such as the scientific journal Sensos.