The main purpose of this research is to investigate infant’s transition to child care in the first year of life, examining the extent to which variables of the family, child care and family-caregiver communication influence infant adjustment.

Three objectives

1. To describe child care experiences, including overall quality, recommended transition practices, and hours spent in non-maternal care, over the period of transition, specifically at child care entry and six months later.

2. To examine parent-caregiver communication over the period of transition and how its quality, stability and changes are associated with child adjustment, after controlling for child care and home environment.

3. To examine whether child adjustment to child care is associated with child care, family environment, and parent-caregiver communication, after controlling for child variables.

The connections between family and child care are considered to be uniquely important for children, particularly for youngest ones. This research will advance understanding on two main topics — transition and parent-caregiver communication — relevant to inform and facilitate provision of high-quality non-maternal care that can contribute to child adjustment and development.